How To Start A Blog

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Published: 11th December 2012
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So you want to start your own blog? Well you have come to the right place! In this tutorial Im going to show you how to start your own self hosted WordPress blog in a couple of simple steps including how to choose your own blog name and topic to be able to start a successful blog. By the end of this tutorial you will have your own blog ready to design and fill it with your launch content.

This tutorial will take you through the following steps:
How to choose a blog topic
How to choose the right name
Buying a domain name hosting as well as installing WordPress
Designing your blog and putting content on it

1. How to choose a blog topic
Selecting the right blog topic is the first important step to get right when launching a new blog. You need to pick something that you will be able to produce hundreds of articles about over the next couple of years. You need to be passionate and knowledgeable about this topic and write articles that are new and interesting so you attract people to your site. You topic will also need to be consistent so you can start to build a community of people that are highly interested in the articles you write.

2. How to choose the right name
The next challenge is picking a name that is catchy and something that stands out from the crowed that will be able to catch people attention and make them question it in a good way. This should be easy to spell and remember as well as unique. Make sure you do some research on this and look at already successful blogs and see how their name works with their topic and whats unique about it. You will also need to check that you chosen name is viable as a domain name. The chances are that it might not be so have a few names at the ready when your checking availability.

3. Buying a domain name hosting as well as installing WordPress
Now this is where things get a little technical but I will keep it as easy and as simple as possible so it is easy to follow. Find a hosting company that you like the look of, I recommend GoDaddy or Bluehost and purchase your domain name form them as well as a years worth of hosting so you can get your blog up and running. Now once you have done that its time to install WordPress, every hosting company do things differently so look for their instructions and follow them carefully, it should be very simple and straightforward and most companies now offer 1 click install.

4. Designing your blog and content writing
Now come the fun and exciting part of watching your blog take shape and get ready for launch. Start by choosing a WordPress theme that you like and you feel will be suitable for the topic you are writing about. Pick colors and fonts to match as well as a layout that you like and choose the right widgets for your sidebar like subscriber forms, popular posts and how to connect with you on social media. These items are really crucial for any blog. Next add an about page and a contact page as well as about 10 launch posts. Give you new readers plenty of things to read and a reason to subscribe to your blog. Once you have done that you are ready to launch and start driving traffic to it. So now you know how to start a blog make sure you get out there today and start one as soon as you can, every day wasted is another day that it will take you to become successful online.

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